Automotive Expertise – From Our Leading Global Brands


PT Hydraulics Australia supplies many of our globally renowned brands to the Automotive Industry, from both our Rescue and Industrial divisions, including:

  • Bridgehill Fire Blankets – Extinguish electric vehicle battery fires with ease
  • Emergency Plug – Safely immobilise electric vehicles to prevent unexpected movement
  • Turtle Cribbing – Essential manual load support, manufactured from heavy duty HDPE
  • BOSS High Force hydraulic cylinders and pumps – When you need to lift it, move it, pull it, press it, or push it you can… let your BOSS do the hard work
  • BOSS Low Pressure AG Cylinders and Power Units – Off the shelf or custom built solutions to power lifting, tipping and agricultural applications for trailers and heavy vehicles
  • Vetter Lifting Bags – Connectable and stackable pneumatic lifting bags for all types of vehicles, machinery and heavy equipment
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